HQS Natural
Made in Italy

Crafted with a taste of Italy in every bite!

Formulated with natural and refined ingredients, preserved in their cooking broth, the HQS Natural Made in Italy specialties stand for a tasty delight, ideal for keeping your cat naturally hydrated!

L.I.D. (limited ingredient diet) cat food with 100% HQS meat and fish as the first ingredient.
A high energy source, supplemental food without any additives. Contains only natural proteins, vitamins and essential amino acids, such as taurine, lysine, methionine and others.

75% of meat or fish
25% broth

Grain free

Hormone free

Carrageenan free

Additive free

Low fat content

High restriction standards for heavy metals (fish)

Rotational diet

Source of high bioavailable energy from meat/fish for optimal health

What Makes HQS Quality Different

Rich in protein of high biological value,

which is of paramount importance for metabolism and other vital processes

Contains vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids of high nutritional value


Minimally processed due to short production process

HQS features

Why should I choose HQS Natural Made in Italy


It contains only natural proteins, vitamins, and essential amino acids, such as taurine, lysine, methionine and others.


Shredded cuts preserved in their own cooking broth.

Type of nutrition

HQS Natural Made in Italy is a supplementary food. It helps, plus it is a great source of moisture in the warmer months.

Specific benefits

As an exclusive protein source made with HQS ingredients, it is an excellent choice if your pet has an adverse reaction to other food or lack of appetite.

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When you buy Almo Nature products, you support
cats and dogs
in need biodiversity projects

Almo Nature and its only shareholder, Fondazione Capellino have created an innovative social-economic model that we call a Duality.

We produce pet food created from their point of view and all generated profits are used for protecting cats, dogs and biodiversity through the projects of Fondazione Capellino, instead of a single individual or an investment fund.

You can be part of this model by sharing our values and contributing to our efforts, or by buying Almo Nature pet food products since all profits are allocated to the projects in full transparency.

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