Fondazione Capellino

Dear friends,

I would like to share with you a decision I have taken after following a path of self-reflection. The decision establishes a new starting point for me and for Almo Nature that, until today, I have driven.

In the next few months I will transfer to a Foundation, all the profits (dividends) accrued since 1 January 2018 and all assets belonging to Almo Nature. The Foundation’s sole purpose is the promotion of projects that protect cats and dogs and encourage respect for biodiversity all over the world.

Within this new framework Almo Nature shall become an economic tool available to all those who share the idea that a new pact is possible between human beings and all other living creatures.


Pier Giovanni Capellino, Founder of Almo Nature

The Projects

A Companion Animal Is For Life

Thousands of cats and dogs are abandoned every year by their owners. The project's aim is to offer these pets immediate, emergency assistance and also develop a solution to help significantly reduce the number of future animal abandonments.  

Farmers & Predators

There is often conflict between farmers and nature's predators. With this project, we aim to harmonise the relationship between wildlife and farmers and make biodiversity an opportunity to improve quality of life.
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