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L.I.D. (limited ingredient diet) cat food at a convenient cost with tuna red meat as the first ingredient.

A high energy source, tuna red meat food. Contains only natural proteins, vitamins and essential amino acids. Rich in omega-3, omega-6, taurine and other important nutrients.
Lean, shredded cuts preserved in cooking broth.



High restriction standards for heavy metals


Why should I choose Daily


Contains only natural proteins, vitamins and essential amino acids. Rich in omega-3, omega-6, taurine and other important nutrients.


Lean, shredded cuts preserved in cooking broth.

Type of nutrition

Supplemental with no additives. Rotate with HQS complete and balanced meals as part of a Rotational Diet.

Specific benefits

Limited ingredients. High energy food. Ideal combination of good, natural food and convenient cost.

Our nutritional advice

Rotate different recipesachieve optimally balanced nutrition

Our team of veterinarians and pet nutritionists believe that feeding cats a Rotational Diet with vitamins and minerals from a variety of protein sources provides cats with the most optimally balanced nutrition


Rotate complete & balanced meals
with supplemental meals


Rotate different protein sources (recipes)


Supplement with the dry food of your choice

Daily energy requirements of adult cats*

FEDIAF (Kcal ME per day)

cat Neutered and/or indoor cats

189.75 Kcal

cat Active cats

253.00 Kcal

*For a cat of average weight (8.8 lb / 4 kg)

A choise of feeding option

& &
3 to 4 cans/pouches
4 to 5 cans/pouches
& & &
1.5 cans/pouches + 35 g / 1.23 oz
2 cans/pouches + 35 g / 1.23 oz

What people say about Daily

    My cat loves everything about this can of wet food. The texture, flavor, water content! I highly recommend and am looking forward to ordering more!


  • Little Miss Picky Paws Loves this
    My younger cat became very picky once she left the growing kitten stage. When a kitten she would not eat anything with fish. Now fish is her preferred food choice. She simply loves Almo Nature tuna. She stays on her food dish longer than with other foods – less treat begging.


  • Finicky cat
    This cat food finely was the food my cat loved thanks to Chewy’s recommendation. I was buying regular tuna because that was all he would eat. This food did the trick!


  • Bon appetit
    Patches is more than finicky but she loves this tuna in broth.


Find us in stores

When you buy Almo Nature products, you support
cats and dogs
in need biodiversity projects

Almo Nature and its only shareholder, Fondazione Capellino have created an innovative social-economic model that we call a Duality.

We produce pet food created from their point of view and all generated profits are used for protecting cats, dogs and biodiversity through the projects of Fondazione Capellino, instead of a single individual or an investment fund.

You can be part of this model by sharing our values and contributing to our efforts, or by buying Almo Nature pet food products since all profits are allocated to the projects in full transparency.

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