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Companion Animal For Life

Companion Animal For Life is one of the projects of Fondazione Capellino, along with Almo Nature, Impact on Biodiversity and Regenerating Villa Fortuna.

A European project with a threefold purpose: to connect every dog and cat to the responsibility on a human being, to close shelters – or at least make them mere places for short stays and emergencies – and to eliminate the scourge of stray dogs and abandonment.

A European project with a threefold purpose: to connect every dog and cat to the responsibility on a human being, to close shelters – or at least make them mere places for short stays and emergencies – and to eliminate the scourge of stray dogs and abandonment.


Companion Animal For Life is a project of Fondazione Capellino aimed at recognizing a new status for our companion animals through three key steps:

  • raising awareness of adoption and actively combatting animal abandonment (AdoptMe activity);

  • developing a universal registry to connect each animal to a human being (I&R activity);

  • promoting the inclusion of dogs and cats in the family status through a European petition (RespectMe action).

The operational part of the project is delegated to Almo Nature.

How we do it

We promote:

  • The creation of an official European register of dog and cat breeders with a related code of ethics to combat illegal trafficking
  • The regulation of private broods
  • New regulations to discourage and penalise animal welfare offences
  • A European law that recognises and regulates the points listed above.

Through measures to:

  • Commit people who have taken on the responsibility of owning a pet to decide who has responsibility in the event of divorce or separation
  • Classify the act of abandonment as a punishable offence
  • Sterilise strays
  • Ban euthanasia for all healthy cats and dogs
  • Promote awareness and respect for species diversity
  • We donate a month of Almo Nature free to each adopted cat or dog, giving the same amount of food to the shelter where the other animals remain awaiting adoption

Reports & Achievements to date, 02/12/2020


(of which 0 from 01/01/2020)

cats and dogs have been given food support and a better chance on adoption

0 *

(of which 0 from 01/01/2020)

Almo Nature meals donated

– For emergency situations
– To support adoptions
– To families in need


(of which 0 from 01/01/2020)

adoptions achieved

In 2019, the activity allowed 24,557 cats and dogs to receive 736,716 solidarity meals in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, and Holland. The Identification & Registration of dogs and cats program (I&R) financially supported the I&R international conference that took place in Berlin on November 6, 2019, with the aim of taking stock of the present European legislation and reviving the path to a unique model of identification of dogs and cats, valid for all EU countries. For 2020, the objective is to continue with the 2019 activities, further reinforcing the action of Fondazione Capellino among its stakeholders.

A highly innovative I&R project is under development, which will be launched in Europe in the first semester of 2021. The decision has been taken to use the RespectMe program to support the cats and dogs living in families facing economic difficulties, in order to prevent their abandonment for necessity.

With regard to the AdoptME program, the decision has been taken to increase the efforts, promoting an awareness campaign among the European population, in cooperation with the Almo Nature foods for dogs and cats.

The project’s 2020 budget amounts to Euro 1,827,050.

The reports will be available from the beginning of July 2021

How the project is funded

The profits of Almo Nature after tax, investments and expenses, are used to finance the projects of the Fondazione Capellino, whose overall single goal is to act on and support initiatives that demonstrate respect for life in all its forms.

What you can do

Do you have a dog or a cat?

In choosing Almo Nature pet food, you’re giving your companion animal food that’s good for animals, as it’s made from 100% natural ingredients and made from their perspective, and good for the environment, in that Almo Nature is 100% owned by a foundation whose goal is to defend dogs, cats and biodiversity.

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