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Humans & Wildlife‌

Humans & Wildlife is a project of the Fondazione Capellino, along with Almo‌ ‌Nature, ‌ ‌Companion‌ ‌Animal‌ ‌For‌ ‌Life, Almo Nature, Regenerating Villa Fortuna and Impact on Biodiversity.‌ ‌ ‌

The project’s goal is to safeguard biodiversity, with particular attention to the habitats of large mammals and predators threatened by the expansion of human activities.

The project’s goal is to safeguard biodiversity, with particular attention to the habitats of large mammals and predators threatened by the expansion of human activities.

How we do it

Reduce the conflict & Possible alliance

  • We support and collaborate with entities and organisations that work to mitigate conflicts between human activities and natural habitats and offer practical, sustainable and permanent solutions with immediate and long-term measures.

  • We provide pet food to dogs at the frontline of anti-poaching and anti-poison forces, and to dogs guarding agro-pastoral activities. The farmers must respect the surrounding natural habitats and be willing to take part in projects aimed at securing their long-term economic stability.

  • We also support cultural and communication initiatives to raise awareness.

We support:


Life WolfAlps Programme

We became the first co-financer of this European Union project, , that promotes actions to conserve wolf species throughout the Alps and enables them to coexist alongside human activities. The project is coordinated by the Italian organisation Ente Gestione Aree Protette Alpi Marittime.
Four European countries are participating in the initiative – Italy, Austria, France and Slovenia. In addition to funding, we provide Almo Nature dog food to farmers’ ranger dogs and the anti-poaching and anti-poison ranger dogs.

Duration: September 2019 – September 2024
Find out more: Life WolfAlps

Guard dogs in the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests

National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, Mount Falterona and Mount Campigna in central Italy is the site of a small experimental project to promote the production of small-scale, high-quality dairy enterprises that respect their surrounding natural habitat. Almo Nature and the Fondazione Capellino provide dog kibble to the guard dogs of breeders taking part in the project.

Duration: 2020 – 2022
Find out more: National Park of the Casentinesi Forests

Into the wild

We support and cooperate with:

  • bodies and organisations that are fighting to defend natural habitats

  • everybody in favour of the establishment of biodiversity rights based on a division of lands, water and sky between humans and wildlife.

  • the dogs at the frontline of anti-poaching and anti-poison forces, to which we provide Almo Nature food

We support:


Detection Dogs in Benin

We supply our Almo Nature dog croquettes to the detection dogs working under a project in Benin, West Africa, “Detection Dogs in Benin” by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare). This project is pioneering an ethical training model for anti-smuggling, anti-poaching and anti-wildlife trafficking dogs.

Duration: 2019 – 2023
Find out more: Detection Dogs in Benin

Exceptionally, we support activities aimed at providing relief in emergency situations. These include aid to:

  • The Association “Save the Moon Bears” in Lithuania Our role involves the recovery of three former circus moon bears that ended up imprisoned in the courtyard of a house. Under the project, the bears will be returned to the wilds of central Italy, where they’ll roam in the Pescasseroli wildlife reserve in the National Park of the Abruzzi

    Duration: 2020

  • Nate Libere (Born Free)
    The Treviso chapter of Italy’s National Organisation for the Protection of Animals (Enpa) for its “Born Free” project to protect the caretta caretta. turtle, also known as the loggerhead sea turtle.

    Duration: 2019

Reports & Achievements

Meals donated since 2015


(of which 2,880 from 01/01/2020)

to sheepdogs


(of which 6,800 from 01/01/2020)

to detection dogs

Starting in 2020, the “Farmers & Predators” project has evolved into “Humans&Wildlife”. The aim of Farmers & Predators was that of supporting farmers working in areas where the wolves live and predation is common. The project helped those farmers who agreed to equipping themselves with guard dogs, a natural prevention tool against wolves, thus renouncing any kind of blood action.

Between 2017 and 2019, 331,634 meals were donated.

With the evolution of this project into the new “Humans&Wildlife”, which is still in the process of definition, the objective will remain that of reducing the conflicts between human activities and predators. However, our support will be conditioned to projects able to eradicate the problem, since it is impossible to continue helping indefinitely, without this leading at least to the overcoming of the present situation.

2020 is a year of study and definition of the project, which will expand to all areas of the world with significant natural habitats, where conflicts exist between humans and wildlife.

Meanwhile, multi-annual cooperations were launched with the LIFE Wolf Alps EU project for the cohabitation with wolves in the Alps (France, Italy, Austria, and Slovenia), in which we participate as leading funders after the European Union (covering the 58% of the global budget), with a budget of Euro 600,000, 180,000 of which were already granted in 2019; and with IFAW France, supplying dry dog food to the rangers of Benin, who use dogs to fight the trafficking of exotic animals, or the unlawful killing of animals to smuggle parts of them (ivory, rhino horns, pangolin scales.)

The project’s 2020 budget amounts to Euro 364,000.

The reports will be available from the beginning of July 2021

How the project is funded

The profits of Almo Nature after tax, investments and expenses, are used to finance the projects of the Foundation, whose overall single goal is to act on and support initiatives that demonstrate respect for life in all its forms.

How you can help

Do you have a dog or a cat?

In choosing Almo Nature pet food, you’re giving your companion animal food that’s good for animals, as it’s made from 100% natural ingredients and made from their perspective, and good for the environment, in that Almo Nature is 100% owned by a foundation whose goal is to defend dogs, cats and biodiversity.

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