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In April 2018, Fondazione Capellino was founded as a non-profit commercial body, with a mission to protect biodiversity and combat climate change.

“I began to think about the environmental problems and how to contribute to the solution, evaluating different hypotheses.

Little by little, the idea of not choosing the easy path took hold—that is, transforming Almo Nature into an instrument of change rather than selling it to one of the many prospective buyers.

The idea of Reintegration Economy was created.

This was not yet the name, but the idea was there… to reintegrate nature with profit instead of taking from nature to increase individual wealth.

I made the decision to give up my dividends forever, starting from January 1, 2018, (depriving myself of much of the accumulated wealth) by donating Almo Nature to Fondazione Capellino, 18 months later, with the help of my brother, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo and I created a non-profit foundation, and in order to give it the means to operate over time, we donated it our company – an irreversible act, free from any conflict of interest.

Fine-tuning the Foundation’s working model has taken trial and error, with long reflections on how to remedy any missteps.
In August 2021, my beloved dog, Ehoié, gave me one last inspiration before dying: the following framework, which allowed the energy previously blocked to be released, and will give rise, in 2022, to a profound revision of the statute of the Foundation so as to align it with reality.”
Pier Giovanni Capellino

Our Areas of Intervention

Restore and Preserve Natural Habitats

Protecting and extending natural terrestrial and marine habitats

Global Warming and Climate Change

Planting trees: the natural and best technological solution

Regenerative Agriculture

Bringing biodiversity to agriculture

Impact of Human Activity on Biodiversity

Promoting biodiversity impact measurement models to overcome the failed sustainability measurement model

Recovery of Historic Buildings

Through bio-building

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