With this project, we aim to harmonise the relationship between wildlife and farmers so that biodiversity becomes an opportunity to improve quality of life.

Our two ‘actions’ operating under the Farmer&Predators banner, Reduce The Conflict and A Possible Alliance, are distinctly different, but synergic, activities that offer practical solutions for a peaceful coexistence.

Reduce The Conflict

Farmers and predators, such as wolves, unfortunately don't always live in peace together. In some regions a lot of conflict occurs, which often results in the predator being killed. To try to reduce this conflict, we provide and train livestock guardian dogs – and supply food for their nutrition – to farmers who choose this peaceful coexistence approach over more inhumane predator management methods.
Reduce The Conflict is already operating in Italy and Germany and will gradually expand to other European countries. Check this site for updates or sign up for our Newsletter to hear more about Reduce The Conflict.


A Possible Alliance

We will help farmers in Europe who commit to peacefully coexist with the local predators with the production of special quality-marked food. Killing predators is never the solution to the economic difficulties associated with their work.


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