Why Is It Important to Feed Your Cat a Rotational Diet?

Rotate complete and balanced meals (HQS Complete and HQS La Cucina) with HQS Natural ensuring a rotation of different proteins (recipes) as well. Serve wet food in morning and evening, not leaving it in the bowl more than half an hour. Kibble can be left at cat’s disposal throughout the day and the night.

Cats, like humans, derive health benefits from rotating different protein sources in their diets. In fact, in nature, there are about 500 types of different proteins, and that of chicken is different from that of salmon, which is slightly different from that of the tuna, etc.

Additionally, each protein source contains different types of nutrients, which are of paramount importance to a cat’s health (i.e., mackerel and tuna are very rich in taurine, while chicken breast is rich in the essential amino acid, lysine.)

And just as with humans, consuming a variety of flavors and textures is important to cats’ pleasure and well-being.

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