Companion Animal For Life: What We’ve Achieved for Animals in the Past Months

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Companion Animal for Life, a project that is designed to give every dog and cat a home and promotes responsible ownership, has been running full speed ahead in the past three months, helping shelters and animals across Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, and France. The recent recognition of the economic-solidarity model of the Fondazione Capellino is expected to bring an extra boost to our efforts for animals and those who defend them.

We thought it would be great to present an illustrated overview of what the project has achieved thanks to every cat and dog who enjoys Almo Nature food:



Aided 125 associations facing emergency situations


The project aims to help shelters that find themselves in difficult, unforeseeable, and unexpected situations, and it’s helped a total of 125 associations in the past three months (and 171 since January 2019). We think this part of our endeavors is crucial because shelters, rescues centers, and other kinds of animal-loving associations are often run by volunteers who sacrifice their own time in order to help cats and dogs in difficulty.


Helped 8,791 cats and dogs who live in shelters


Dogs and cats in shelters need to be taken care of and volunteers can’t always take care of every single aspect of their needs (even though volunteers do so much for them!). That’s where we come in! We give away our high-quality pet food to help to keep animals in shelters healthy and happy. From the start of the year, we have helped shelters that have a total of 18,050 dogs and cats in their care.


Delivered lots of meals


During the past three months, we’ve delivered 430,245 meals to dogs and cats across Europe (we’re now getting close to reaching one million meals that were donated this year alone!), and we helped to get 731 cats and dogs adopted (the number of animals we helped to get adopted in 2019 is now running close to 2,000). Giving away meals represents our most tangible action for animals and will help us in reaching the goal of the project: responsible adoption and responsible ownership.


Learn more about our #CompanionAnimalForLife initiative:

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