A Companion Animal Is For Life is a European project, using three symbiotic actions, aiming to stop abandonment and issues surrounding stray cats and dogs, determined to help shelters speed up their adoption processes and to transform catteries and kennels into places of temporary refuge.

From January 1, 2018 — and forever — all Almo Nature’s profits are donated to projects that support dogs, cats and biodiversity. By buying or recommending Almo Nature to others, you are not just a consumer, you are also a supporter of these projects.


Getting as many cats and dogs adopted from shelters as possible, encouraging responsible choices when it comes to adoption, and promoting high quality nutrition by donating a month's worth of food to every newly adopted animal.

With the support of volunteers in the shelters, we encourage people to make responsible choices when deciding whether to adopt an animal. Those who adopt from participating dog and cat shelters will receive a one month's supply of pet food.


Love Food

The LoveFood initiative is essential to the project and aims to help European rescue centers and shelters by providing meals for dogs and cats in emergency situations.

Shelters and associations we work with through these three initiatives benefit from this support in times of need.



Today, it is all too easy to abandon a dog or cat. That is why we are promoting a new European law, projected to come into effect by 2020, that states the rights and duties in our relationships with our companion animals and effectively tackles abandonment with the compulsory I&R (identification and registration).

The other aim is to reduce the number of stray animals with systematic neutering campaigns and with severe and clear punishment for human offenders.

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Would you like to feed your companion animal with high quality food that returns 100% of its profits to cats, dogs and biodiversity?


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