A Companion Animal Is for Life is a European project, which, through three complementary ‘actions,’ aims to eliminate animal abandonment and to transform shelters into temporary transit centers pets pass through while waiting for adoption.

Love Food

Through our LoveFood action, we help European animal charities and rescue centers by donating meals for dogs and cats in need or living in emergency situations.Shelters and associations that meet the criteria can make a donation request through our Donation Desk.Our LoveFood solidarity activities, which started in Italy, have been extended to Germany, France and the Netherlands; the aim is to reach more European countries over the next few years.

Every year, we provide 1 million meals for dogs and cats in need.

To ensure the results of our solidarity efforts are accessible by all, we are developing website counters that will display the status of donations, shelters (or associations) involved and the number of dogs and cats helped.

LoveFood is now in Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Visit this site regularly for updates or sign up for our Newsletter to hear about our next steps.



Too many dogs and cats live in shelters and need a new home. The purpose of our AdoptMe action is to help these animals find a new human friend and a loving forever home.To encourage responsible adoption, we offer a month’s supply of food for each animal that finds a new family through participating shelters.AdoptMe is already active in Italy, Germany and France and will soon be available in the Netherlands, then it will gradually extend to other European countries.

AdoptMe is already operating in Italy, Germany, France and will soon be available in the Netherlands, then will gradually expand to other European countries. 

Check this site for updates or sign up for our Newsletter to hear more about AdoptMe.



Today, it is all too easy to abandon a dog or cat. To prevent this cruel practice, we believe there is a real need for a single European database where it is mandatory for all pets to be registered from birth and that human adopters must be legally bound to be responsible for their pets for life, abiding by a clear set of animal welfare rules.In 2019, we will present our bill comprising 1 million signatures (collection target throughout Europe) to the European authorities. It will be a simple, but binding, bill comprising 10 key rules for European nations to adopt under a Community directive. Having a dog or a cat is a responsibility, not a game to tire of and discard.
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